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MinoSource is a MinoMonsters fansite I created back before I worked fro EDEO. I received an internship when the Founder, CEO found my site. It began as a basic HTML 4 website with tables. The purpose of the site was to act as a reference guide for the MinoMonsters mobile app. Eventually, it transitioned into XHTML and then into HTML 5 with various languages implemented including CSS3, Javascript, PHP, and Jquery. The images below display the evolution and constant construction of the site over the years, up until the current prototype site. It is currently in transition to suit various viewports and in becoming a fully-responsive site.


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Here are a couple sites I designed, commissioned by TCCF and China Chef. TCCF is a small church that needed a website to help promote their meetings. China Chef is a restaurant with great food who needed a site to allow people to view their menu online.